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How AI and a digital telco strategy is helping MVNOs overtake the competition

02 May 2023

Thanks to the rapid rise of ChatGPT, there is now a real appetite to use machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace.

The benefits range from producing complex, technical...

Seven ways MVNOs and digital brands can win in a recession

15 February 2023

By John Burton, CEO, MDS Global. 

Since joining MDS Global, I’ve been meeting with customers to learn more about how we can help them deliver their strategy in challenging times. No matter whether...

Keeping it real: Why B2C BSS can’t land 5G in the enterprise world

08 February 2023

At MVNO World Congress in June, we’ll hear how enterprises are placing greater emphasis on making 5G pay. The potential value the segment can drive is huge for operators and MVNOs alike but, in my...

Five benefits of a digital-first strategy in 2023

06 February 2023

Reduce costs. Increase margin & value. Improve retention. According to our customers, these are the three biggest priorities for telecoms across the world. Economic turbulence, cost conscious...

Have you got the right partner model to deliver and monetise 5G?

06 February 2023

As you might expect, the agenda at MWC Barcelona 2023 is stacked heavily in the favour of 5G. No wonder. It’s the fastest growing segment in wireless infrastructure spend globally, as the rate of...

Five requests enterprises make of their service providers

21 June 2022

Enterprise customers are still pushing for a better service from their service providers, despite CSPs’ new focus on the enterprise market. But what exactly are these customers looking for? Here are...

How enterprise self-care boosts satisfaction and optimises revenues

11 April 2022

In mature consumer mobile markets, CSPs have long-since developed seamless digital experiences for customers, with many able to effortlessly check their balance, purchase bolt-ons and additional...

Five must-have enterprise BSS capabilities for 2022

07 December 2021

CSPs have prioritised the consumer market for many years as these services have made up the bulk of their revenues. However, profit margins for consumer services are in decline, which is leading to...

From consumer to enterprise: How service providers can cross the divide

13 September 2021

The enterprise 5G market promises fertile new revenue streams for service providers. Operators that currently only serve the consumer market are planning their first steps into the B2B world, usually...

The end is nigh (for legacy BSS platforms)

09 February 2021

Business customers are typically the most profitable segment of a service provider’s customer base. However, these valuable customers often sit on legacy environments and old technology, and are...

The financial benefit of digital BSS for enterprise services

03 November 2020

Read on to discover the economic benefit of implementing the top five digital BSS use cases for enterprise services - real-time billing management, automated service configuration, partner/wholesaler...

Why automated service configuration should be your top priority

23 September 2020

Telco research specialists, STL Partners, conducted a survey with industry executives in which they asked respondents to rank five digital BSS use cases for the enterprise market in terms of the...