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Mobile World Congress 2017

31 March 2017

We’ve all been back at our desks for a few weeks, so now is a good time to reflect on Mobile World Congress. With over 100,000 people attending the show, including most of the major players in the...

Telecoms digital transformation: Look how far we’ve come!

31 January 2017

It used to be so simple: B2C and B2B and that was that. Neat. Little. Pockets. Then the millennium happened! Everything went blurry, even after the champagne hangovers had worn off. Consolidation was...

The retail MVNO: 3 steps to customer loyalty

05 January 2017

Customer loyalty is dead. Or so we are told, with the cause of this demise often blamed on the almost endless choice consumers now face as a result of their constant connectivity. But is it really...

What is an MVNO? The definitive guide to Mobile Virtual Network Operators

09 November 2016

If you’re new to telecoms, your head is probably spinning with all the jargon. Ours is a highly fragmented business, with lots of different layers playing their part. And each has its own...

Avoiding bill shock with telecoms selfcare

23 September 2016

What’s the first thing you do when your international flight lands? If it’s not unclipping your belt, jumping up and grabbing your bags from the overhead locker whilst the plane is still taxiing to...

Retail MVNO strategy: 5 questions you should be asking

16 August 2016

Five questions to evolve your MVNO strategy from voice to data profitability

There was a time when mobile was so fresh and new that you could just sell voice minutes and gain market share. Indeed,...

The 6 reasons retailers should start an MVNO

17 May 2016

Whether you’re working for a seasoned retail MVNO (or VNO – if you’re already offering some consumer services like home phone or broadband) or a retailer who hasn’t yet decided to launch its own...

Enterprise mobility and the service provider opportunity

19 April 2016

Mobile enterprise presents a huge opportunity for service providers. A recent research report[1] by STL Partners, found that less than half of enterprises have no formal enterprise mobile strategy or...

New ideas for tariffing – the third way

18 April 2016

For CSPs looking to generate strong sources of revenue in the future, then they should look no further than the way in which subscribers pay for their services. As subscribers move from prepaid to...

Can retail MVNOs give supermarkets a better handle on their baskets?

07 March 2016

On January 15th, the “Mobile by Sainsbury’s” service closed its doors. It’s the latest and by far the highest profile brand MVNO to shut down – previous closures like Family Mobile, carried by EE,...

Digital impact to end the reign of pre-paid, post-paid dinosaurs

03 February 2016

Back in 2012, the UK mobile market passed something of a milestone: the number of subscribers on postpaid plans finally outnumbered their pay-as-you-go counterparts.

Zero Rating - Thanks for Nothing

07 December 2015

Open internet campaigners are up in arms over the EU's recent vote to allow zero rating, but is it really the risk to net neutrality they might think?

IoT - Who has home advantage?

02 November 2015

With Apple, Google and now Amazon fighting for dominance in the smart home space, are telcos still in with a shot at the market? And if not, does it matter?

A problem shared is a problem halved, so share it again and again!

14 August 2015

In 2014 Gartner reported that (based on a select group of 11 of the top 30 CSPs) total revenues from digital services grew at 17.9 per cent. This was 10 per cent faster than total operating revenue...

Is it possible to jam ads and still preserve revenues?

14 August 2015

An ad-blocking revolution is underway. How can advertisers and Telcos protect their revenue streams without undermining the customer experience?

Show me the money

10 July 2015

That well-known phrase "Show me the money" really does ring true for today’s CSPs. So many are losing out and at the same time leaving money on the table. Why don’t they understand more about the...

I’m not a Freemium Superfan

27 May 2015

I read today that the US MVNO, Freedompop, is coming to the UK this summer. This news coincided with my reading of ‘The Curve: Turning Followers into Superfans’, which is dedicated to understanding...