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Telecoms digital transformation: Look how far we’ve come!

31 January 2017

MVNO B2B B2C Customer Experience Management Telecoms Digital Transformation

B2B and B2C

It used to be so simple: B2C and B2B and that was that. Neat. Little. Pockets.

Then the millennium happened! Everything went blurry, even after the champagne hangovers had worn off. Consolidation was the ‘it’ word, and everything started to merge, from technology to globalisation to outsourcing to … audience. Things went from being lovely and neat, to being a little bit crazy. 

Remember that Blur song, Boys and Girls? I think they hit on something there. Not just a catchy tune, but a whole ethos. If girls can like boys, and like boys that are girls, then boys can also like girls and like boys that are girls. Blur got that life was becoming blurry.

Business customers now approach life like consumers, and suppliers have direct access to business customers’ business customers. Marketing collateral is aimed at business via a consumer route. We all fell a little bit in love with customer experience management, and forgot about the neat little pockets that had defined the way we had looked at life since the post-war era.

Customer Experience ManagementMDS has moved with the times. No longer strictly a B2B company, or a tier x company, we’re looking far beyond that horizon. We’re thought leaders in the MVNO world, understanding end-user behaviour, and helping our customers to understand their customers. And their customers are blurry.

We’re starting to view the old B2C arena not just as a segment that we no longer focus on, but as a relic of the Britpop era that has long since gone. Mixing things up has revealed a whole world of possibilities and potential that has never before been considered. Our post-war colleagues would have lost the plot!

It’s a brave new era for marketers and companies alike. Drop the B2B and start looking wider. It’s not an option, but a given. Or, as Blur would say, There’s No Other Way.

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