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Is cloud the only option for today's telcos?

13 February 2023

According to Gartner’s August forecast on vendor prices, compounding inflation, sustainability requirements, and competitive labour markets will lead to a 15%-20% increase in SaaS costs. This will...

Keeping it real: Why B2C BSS can’t land 5G in the enterprise world

08 February 2023

At MVNO World Congress in June, we’ll hear how enterprises are placing greater emphasis on making 5G pay. The potential value the segment can drive is huge for operators and MVNOs alike but, in my...

Covid-19 and MVNOs: 5 incentives to support customers and boost loyalty

30 March 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is threatening to grind the world to a halt, however the telecoms industry is helping to keep it moving. Service providers are more important than ever as they are enabling...

Serving the underserved SME market in six steps

23 November 2018

In the UK, 99% of businesses are small or medium sized, meaning that they employ 0 – 249 people, and 96% are micro-businesses, employing 0 – 9 people [1]. Given its size, the SME market holds much...