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Covid-19 and MVNOs: 5 incentives to support customers and boost loyalty

30 March 2020

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The Covid-19 pandemic is threatening to grind the world to a halt, however the telecoms industry is helping to keep it moving. Service providers are more important than ever as they are enabling friends and family to stay connected and businesses to function. Networks are under pressure, yet there are opportunities in these difficult times. Here are five ways in which you can support your customers, whilst boosting brand loyalty and perception:

1. Increase data allowances

Networks are strained. Between self-isolation and social distancing, more and more people are staying at home. There has been a surge in remote working, as well as new streamers and gamers, all fighting for their piece of the network. In fact, Vodafone UK has already reported a 50% increase in internet traffic[1]. With no ensured quality of service for home broadband, disruption is almost certain.

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However, Orange España are doing their bit to help, giving customers access to free data bundles. Pre-paid customers can access an additional 15GB, whilst customers on post-paid plans can access an additional 30GB, and business customers a bonus 50GB. With Spain currently being one of the countries worst hit from the virus, this boost in data encourages social distancing, whilst enabling customers to continue to work and communicate, free from the lag and disruption that broadband connections can bring.

2. Add more bundles to your digital services

Isolation is tough for everyone. In order to keep customers entertained, MVNOs can offer additional bundles to their digital services. UK service provider Sky is launching new channels, as well as making a range of films available to customers on the same day as the global premieres.

Once the pandemic ends, customers who have become accustomed to the new bundle may add the service to their package, so MVNOs should see this as a longer-term up-sell opportunity.

3. Gestures of goodwill

MVNOs can offer gestures of goodwill to ease uncertainty and financial strain. UK MVNO Giffgaff have announced that their customers will be able to access NHS websites free of charge, without eating into their data allowance, ensuring that customers can access advice and guidance whenever needed.

German MNO Deutsche Telekom have provided the Robert Koch Institute (a government agency and research organisation responsible for disease control and prevention) with anonymised mass data for research into the spread of Covid-19[2]. This data will be used to make statistical predictions relating to the spread of the virus, and provide a basis for future guidelines during the pandemic.

4. Launch B2B plans

With the rise in home working and travel restrictions, B2B plans will enable small to medium enterprises to continue business as usual. Customisable packages, including handsets, video conferencing and VPN services, enable employees to be contactable anytime, so whilst they are working in isolation, they will always be connected.

5. Digitalise your offering

Five star customer service rating

As more and more social spaces and storefronts are closed to prevent the spread of the virus, now is the time to offer a fully digital experience for your customers. By giving customers the flexibility to personalise their plans and control their spend, and all from the comfort of an app, you can provide excellent customer service without your customers ever having to step foot in your store.

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