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MDS Global - Café Analytics

Discover hidden SMEs

11 September 2019

Around 99% of businesses in Europe are SMEs. Yet despite the size and potential value of this sector, SMEs are chronically underserved by telecoms providers. This is because operators struggle to...

A different message for each customer

31 July 2019

MVNOs generate a huge amount of data about their customers’ behaviour, so there is no need to rely on demographics such as age, sex and race to segment your customers. By targeting customers based on...

Drive revenue by tracking pre-paid customers' top-up behaviour

16 July 2019

Operators may know less about their pre-paid customers than their post-paid customers, but one thing they do know is that they can’t rely on their loyalty.

Customer lifetime value: Who are your best customers?

03 July 2019

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) predictions help MVNOs to understand if the money they use to acquire new customers is well spent. They can also reveal the most valuable customers. By looking at the...

Flying blind? You can't improve what you can't measure

26 June 2019

Analytical insight enables MVNOs to optimise every area of their business, from wholesale negotiation to customer retention. Without insight into their data, MVNOs are forced to fly blind, making...