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A different message for each customer

31 July 2019

MVNO analytics Customer Segmentation

MVNOs generate a huge amount of data about their customers’ behaviour, so there is no need to rely on demographics such as age, sex and race to segment your customers. By targeting customers based on what they do rather than who they are, MVNOs can develop uniquely tailored propositions and messaging, and communicate with them one-on-one.

With VNOnDemand Analytics, MVNOs can uncover a huge range of previously unknown segments, including:

  • Customers who stream content
  • Customers who are actually small businesses
  • Low-revenue customers who generate decent early termination fees
  • Silent roamers i.e. customers who switch off their data when on holiday
  • Customers who switch off their data when they believe they have reached their limit
  • Customers who travel regularly
  • Value-seeking customers
  • Customers on the wrong tariff e.g. customers who regularly buy data top-ups

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