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Flying blind? You can't improve what you can't measure

26 June 2019

MVNO analytics

Analytical insight enables MVNOs to optimise every area of their business, from wholesale negotiation to customer retention. Without insight into their data, MVNOs are forced to fly blind, making decisions based on hunches and conventional wisdom, rather than real information. 

Can you answer the following questions about your MVNO?

  • Which of your customers are the most valuable?
  • Which products are causing you to lose money?
  • Which customers could you up-sell streaming services to? 
  • How much revenue have you generated by up-selling to existing customers? 
  • Which customers always under-utilise their bundles? 
  • Which customers are about to churn? 
  • How much revenue have you lost through churned customers?
  • Which customers are actually small businesses?
  • What are your customers' top-up patterns?
  • Do you know your customer behaviour well enough to better negotiate your wholesale agreement?

MDS Global's VNOnDemand Analytics can provide answers to all these questions, plus many more. Book a demo >>