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Discover hidden SMEs

11 September 2019

SME MVNOs analytics

Around 99% of businesses in Europe are SMEs. Yet despite the size and potential value of this sector, SMEs are chronically underserved by telecoms providers. This is because operators struggle to identify their SME customers as they typically use consumer contracts rather than business contracts, believing that the latter will cost more without delivering any additional benefits.

However, by using an analytics package such as VNOnDemand Analytics, operators can accurately identify SMEs by analysing their usage patterns (e.g. peak usage during standard working hours and high volumes of incoming voice traffic) against the specific products purchased.  

Once operators have identified which of their customers are SMEs, they can run targeted campaigns to upsell additional products and services, such as Office 365 and cloud hosting. By offering plans that really meet the needs of their SME customers, operators can not only increase ARPU and CLV, but also reduce churn.

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